faceconomics (scimonocecaf) Forward or Backward? I hate you~

If you yell fire in a crowded room the likelihood of you getting arrested or fined is almost a certainty…..But if you do it on social media, will you get arrested for attracting alarming attention to yourself? Not always, although the administrator might give you a “hey, you…quit!” warning, or dump your account altogether. Which is fine, because now, you know what to do the next time you want to annoy the invisible BIG Brother, behind the social media stratosphere of the invisible gods. I wouldn’t press my luck, though~

In all reality, we are simply living in a highly advanced marketing world, a very unique world that continues to evolve based on economics and psychology, but either way, it is changing lives of multitudes on this planet. This is particularly obvious in how the current (or soon to be dethroned) front runners of the Republican Party, Mr. Donald Jonh Trump, or whatever you add to his first name that ends with the letters UMP. I’m sure you’re creative enough to attach a more appealing last name that would fully satisfy the masses that he’s offended. 

With this said, why is he seem to attract so much attention? Simple, he chooses to showcase a behavior that would meet his objective, his personality (no holds bar). In advertising, anything that sticks sells, just like on social media the more you share it, express it, post it, etc. the higher the likelihood that it will be remembered.

Ever since the social media phenomenon entered our linear thinking lives, we have gotten psychologically attached to instant information….it is almost a craving that we are hooked on, and this is why Mr. Trump, was able to attract attention from Republicans, Democrats and even Independents. The social media world made us all so, in tune with what is going on around us that we have gotten superbly skilled in evaluating information. This is a good thing to be because generational speaking we are more advance as people today than ever before in the history of mankind. And the downside to it is we will read, listen to, watch any material if, it appears in our news feed.

It really has nothing to do with Trump’s message, it is simply because WE THE PEOPLE and even the world has gotten accustomed to (instant information equals instant gratification) we all crave various forms of brain candy because it stimulate our thinking, and it means squat on how annoying it is or vulgar or even as strong of a word like I HATE YOU.

Plus, in the American society, we value knowledge, because our pre-k school teachers told us that knowledge is power and who wouldn’t want to be like superman or woman? Our brain is wired to process information, and it doesn’t matter how short, long,or mixed up, it is…… if it’s in front of us, our brain will process it. We are now using our brains far more than we did before, in many ways, we dissect the pros and cons to just about anything.

Being in front of your social media page requires you to process a whole array of information, in the past, we as homo sapiens, were only involve in zoning in on one variable, the social media world has exposed us to a number of variables, in which we constantly evaluate and our brains are getting a lot of exercise in a way because of it. Kind of like how computers operate.

This brings me back to social media and the current political environment in the US. We got annoyed or to some enjoyed the clowning around that Mr. Trump is engaged in so, he gets the most attention because he creates content (relevance not indicative), but he is also aware or someone advising him is in tune with social media gorilla marketing, that the public is now inundated with and they are showing no mercy.

So, the next time you are in front of your social media and see garbage being spew by your news feed, keep on moving, if your brain doesn’t stop you.

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