faceconomics Rapid Change

Rapid Change:

The architects of previous generations in social capacity building, and commercial development in various countries were not expecting the Internet generation to develop social networking sites in languages that the world would understand.​

Social Media:

Today, international business professionals, economists, and corporate multinational decision makers include social media in their domestic and macroeconomics research, strategy, and implementation. Through this new platform, messages reach emerging markets and developed countries and their demographics worldwide.

The New Norm:

The new normal in international business consists of new opportunities in markets that are rapidly growing and engaging the developed world through technology and social media use. Emerging and frontier markets are becoming suitable and attractive in cultivating the next generation of labor force and scholars in order to participate in economic advancement and multinational market entry worldwide.


Advanced economies are taking notice of building economic capacity through social media. They are also actively participating in the creation of new, innovative approaches to market entry. Brands have become global in nature via social media. Alas, the world has truly become global—entertainment, education, cultural exploration, language, and marketing.


Faceconomics presents an avenue to be explored in the 21st century. It reflects how economies of scale can be multiplied and technology can lift societies worldwide.Never in human history has an interconnected world so visible, powerful and easy to engage in.

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