faceconomics Peace On Earth

For centuries, we as people of the world have been left in the dark about the nature of those we know nothing about that lives on this planet with us. The unknown is what created fear, ethnocentrism, prejudice, resentment and most importantly the thief of our joy as people of this world.

Today, we now have the tool to combat evil in this world, by learning about one another and explore each others similarities, hopes, desires and opinions. The interconnected world is not simply a sign of the times, it is the way of the times to destroy preconceived negative ideas about those we have yet to know about.

Our ancestors fought those who they know nothing about, because they simply did not have access to information about those they fear, loathe, saw as enemies, and gave their lives to fight against.

Why return to the same world if, we can build a better future for those coming in after us?

Never in human history have we been able to create a world in our terms and true ideals of peace.

Peace on Earth Begins Here~

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