faceconomics Olympics

What does it matter what the race of the Athlete is? Why is traditional US media focusing on the race of our athlete rather than his/her skill and dedication to their sport? The world is watching and it has proven that race is not an indicator of greatness, or skill or, perseverance, just look at what the rest of the world is posting on their social media pages?

America can learn from the Olympics by lifting our athletes on the pedestal of national pride for their commitment to their sport rather than making it a racial superiority issue.

The world isn’t watching the Olympics to learn about race relations in America and frankly it is a great embarrassment when we as a country are talking about the race of our athletes more than their accomplishments.

Yes, race sells in America and brand, product and service placement tend to attract attention, but do we really want to be known for our racial issues rather than what we have endured to achieve and believe in our dreams?

Wake up America, the social media world is watching the Olympics of life and we better try to win gold for the next generations of American Athletes sake.

FYI: The number of GOLD medals does not constitute the greatness of a society but how everyone is treated in spite of race. Share if you agree~

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