Faceconomics Made America Great Already

        The State of Social Media America 

Have you read the news today? Likely answer no, or at least not, until you turn on your laptop, swipe the on feature of your smart phone or perhaps click on your kindle to get the latest offering of what is new in your world. Here is the scoop, on the state of Social Media America, we as a country have had 43 presidents and each one of them have used various forms of communications to present their agenda to the American public, but US president number 44, have used a very different approach in informing the public about his policy, long and short term agenda, and even personal story. He used technology to engage and interact with the public regularly, making him the ONLY president that have communicated with the US public directly via social media. While every modern president adapted the technology of their times into their public service engagements, NO president have interacted with the US public simultaneously using technology, helping shape the trajectory of our social environment as a country and this is the State of Social Media America. Today, we as a society are well aware of social issues, personal motivation, educational aspirations, labor relations, health improvement, struggles and victories etc. of our neighbors, friends, relatives, family, acquaintances, social media network and colleagues in which we use to make decision on our affairs.

Economics, is directly related to people and their behavior, in which development is promoted and sustain. Because of social media we are more aware of our society, people and the world today than any other time in our history as a society, making America great already. We as a country is striving to make America even better as we utilize the social media environment well into the future. The American future, began when we as a society understood each other as a community and relieved ourselves of the fears and misunderstanding of each other that plagued the administration of all 43 sitting US presidents.

With this said, returning to where America used to be is no longer feasible, practical, or even in the best interest of the America public, because that would altogether remove the tools and development objectives that our society is utilizing today. You can not say going back to a past that had no access in the life, government affairs, economic development aspiration of our country, world standing etc. and claim to say it made America great, because We The People simply did not have the means of knowing unlike today. America, has never been stagnant as a society, we crave innovation, embrace development and value hard work all of which continue to make America great as a nation and society. The future is bright for America, not because of what took place in the past, but simply because we are evolving to a much stronger society, increasing economic opportunities through social media and learning about not just our nation but, other nations of the world. The world is utilizing social media to develop their country why not America continue to improve as a society using the tool we’ve never had before?

So, in closing, I would submit the following, if our great grand parents,grand parents, parents had social media as we know it today, would we have the same issues that they struggled with in their generations? I would say, America, would be significantly different, because we would have gained appreciation for each other, understand the basic politics of our time, and utilize our efforts to improve our economic standing etc. All of this is within our reach today, not, fifty years ago,twenty years ago or even a few years ago. So, the concept of returning to what was, will never be a future that will gain traction for the next generations of Americans, because I don’t think they really want to deal with the same superficial issues of the past, specially if they can attain a better future through social media….Would you?

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