faceconomics Collective Smartness

The world is constantly learning in unison, increasing potential, reducing the cost of an uneducated population in societies worldwide. Never, I mean ever in the history of mankind can someone from a third world country gain access to knowledge from an industrialized society without having the means. Who wants to go back to the past?

We now live in an era of human capital development one of the strongest engine of economic prosperity. Will we continue to reflect on the tea leaves of the past, for signs and indicators of human potential or will we embrace the orchid of innovation and self determination to propel economies to the next frontier?

Why are the industrialized world so, concern about this movement when the same motivation catapulted every developed country to the top? Going back to what once was, will never feel the same no matter how social architects of traditional media try to imprison our imagination. The thundering call for innovation is in every opportunity that is yet to be recognized by the masses.

Each generation has the opportunity to capture the future, it is up to us and those who come before us to allow us to use our talents, resources, skills, imagination, grit, and everything else in our tool box to maneuver ourselves in a comfortable level of economic advancement.

The faceconomics revolution is the parallel of what used to be the industrial revolution in the 20th century. Simply multiplied many folds over. Welcome the new market world and be the facilitator to advances in your economy and that of your neighbors.

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