faceconomics Bi-lingual America

Hold the phone, did a potential first lady who happens to be bi-lingual addressed the RNC? Never in US history has a bilingual non-US born wife of a Republican Presidential candidate (Not counting the one ages Ago) given a keynote speech to Republican delegates in the convention history?

What’s new? Or better yet what is going to be different? One thing is for sure, America as we know it is modernizing and catching up to the rest of the world. How will this shape the narrative in the months to come? Will bi-lingual Americans come out in force to support a Republican or Democratic candidate? I am almost certain the Democratic camp will try to outdo the Republicans now, that they have seen and explored key indicators in the changes happening in American politics.

Are the tea leaves of the past transforming into a printable 3D leaves of the future? Is social media, the new narrative that will introduce America to their Bi-lingual neighbors? Whatever the case may be, the Trump political engine has hit a pulsating nerve in the American social landscape and have created a new normal in American politics.

Make sure to record, keep memorabilia’s or Youtube video’s, of what is taking place in our American society today, it will be replicated in many countries worldwide……Guaranteed!

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