faceconomics American Races

Back in the days mainstream American media showed the world two races living in the country, the majority at that time which were, of European Origin some people call them today as “White people”. And the largest minority group at that time, which were of African Origin, who were introduced to the world as “Black people”. All are beautiful, amazing and noteworthy people groups. Their ancestors immigrated to the United States, all worked hard and all contributed to the development of this great country.

Was there no other races in the country during those times? Well, actually if you dive into American history, apparently the Indians, Asians, Latin Americans, Arabs, and all the races from around the world was indeed present in the United States, cohabiting in various communities among the white and black citizens of the country. But why were they not included in the American media landscape in mainstream America? I believe the answer revolves around the economics of race, where both majority and minority groups were the visible target market of mainstream American media, and the other races were free to choose which message appeal to them the most in product and service placement. They were not included in order to divide the country into two people groups the whites and the blacks making product and service placement easier and more predictable. (They werent really thinking about personalities, religion, educational background, and everything else that embodies the whole of a person). They simply wanted to sell their product and service, creating a racial divide in the country which sparked racial animosity. These were the side effects of capitalism. Homo Economicus, was not assessed properly by big business back then because they weren’t operating in an ethical market environment as we all would hope for them to, rather they were simply looking into making a profit, and have neglected their duty to the American community.

Today, the social media landscapes promote all races of Americans, along with their own interpretation of who they are, what they choose to be and their social contributions. The diversity factor is what will develop the New American Market into a more robust economic environment in years to come. More options will be available, everyone would feel they belong, and neighborhoods will be safer thanks to social media because we know and understand each other better, today!. We are no longer overly protected from people that didn’t look, think and act like us, enabling us to decide what worldview to accept and reject. So maybe the world would respect us more today and we would actually be proud of our ancestral history from around the world?

The problems that arose in early America is now being solved and addressed by the social media environment. Reason being is because we are now aware about our neighbors, friends, people from different race groups and big business no longer dictate what race of American best appeal to the whole of America.Yes, there will still be remnants of racism and discrimination due to our history and diversity, but that will be exposed through social media.

The people of the country now has control on how our attitude about race is going to be shaped for the next generation of Americans to benefit from.

And this is the state of race in the New American Economy. People create markets, and not markets creating people~

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