faceconomics American Awareness

The World is a scary place says, my middle school classmate while we were talking about the world map in our geography class. (back in 1994) While I don’t think he truly had any idea what the world was like then, many middle schoolers today do. Thanks to social media, Americans now know, what the world truly is.

Yes, there are plenty of bad things going on around the world that tends to creep into our social media news feed, but look at the treasures that the social media environment brought to the radar screens of most Americans,today?

Because of Social Media our people and workforce are becoming well versed or at least in tune with world events, foreign affairs, and global markets. Twenty years ago, no one would say they envisioned the changes that have happened today via social media population awareness.

I would say, we are ready to compete in the world market today as American more, compare to where we were twenty years ago. Had social media not pop up we would still be floating around in the gaming community looking getting our fingers stuck to a Nintendo consul.

The social media environment made us all creative, open minded, ambitious, risk takers and all the benefits of an educated society bring to the marketplace. Don’t believe me? Our presidential candidates are Mt. Donald Trump and Mrs. Hillary Clinton, both of which wouldn’t have been considered if, we Americans are willing to leave our future to the government. We have become embolden and risk takers as a result of our new found resources.

The future will be just fine regarding on who wins, as long as Americans continue to educate ourselves via the social media environment. After all this is what’s new under the sun~

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