About the Author:

About the author:

Aldous Mina grew up in Norfolk, Virginia and attended Granby High School. Al is a Liberty University alumni in Central Virginia and majored in international business. While there, he founded the first International Business Council (IBC) under the school of business and government. The IBC participated in various Foreign Embassy collaborations in Washington D.C. and explored national development in the banking, import/export, global marketing, expatriate sector and global economic integration.Mr. Mina have lived in Europe, Pacific Islands and North America, he also speaks four languages.

Honors & Awards:

Al’s curriculum allowed him to study in London, Scotland, Wales and Ireland through an international survey program. He also participated in academic trips to Israel to study foreign affairs and regional cooperation and history. ​ In 2005, Al competed and won the privileges of the Old Dominion Model United Nations collegiate chapter, which was sponsored by the United Nations; through his debating of economic development in Albania, he was selected as a best delegate representative in the competition. Aldous is a Vic Potter Scholar, a program sponsored by the Virginia General Assembly and VoTech Honor Society alumni.

Aldous has escorted the former president of the Republic of the Philippines Mrs. Corazon Aquino, during her visit at then Randolph Macon Women’s College to receive the Pearl S. Buck, honorary award from the college. Al was sworn into Peace Corps service by US Ambassador to Romania Hon. Nicholas Frank Taubman.

A Successful Career in Economics, Finance, & International Business:

In November 2007, Al was nominated to work with the United States Peace Corps as an institutional development volunteer and was invited by the Romanian government to live in Romania for 27 months in December 2007. In May 2008, during his tenure, Al supported development efforts in Romania increasing capacity within the institutional development sector as well as economic development initiatives in the city of Iasi. On May 17, 2010, Aldous organized an economic forum in Iasi, the very first international economic development forum that the city hosted, through the efforts of RRED and various economic missions from foreign embassies based in Bucharest. The Iasi International Economic Development Forum was a success and was used to entertain foreign direct investment from the Netherlands, South Africa, United States and Switzerland. Al’s experience in institutional and economic development after his service enabled opportunities for him to speak with the United Nations and International Monetary Fund about global business and its future. Aldous also worked as a contractor at the World Bank as a financial analyst. He served in the US Government in Washington DC as an analyst. Aldous have been interviewed by US and International news media outfits pertaining to his international business activities and development theories. Al has also been instrumental in managing accounts USD millions in both public and private sector. After his tour of duty, Mr. Mina, remained and worked as a business consultant in Romania. Aldous is the founder and managing partner of Premier Global Council Group LLC, a market entry consulting firm based in Virginia. Al earned an International Business MBA from the American Intercontinental University in Illinois. Aldous have worked in the Private, Public and Non-Profit sector and brings a unique and distinguish international business background that is highly valued by organizations worldwide.

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